Radha krishna serial english episode : 24 - Oct, 2019

Radha krishna episode  : 24 Oct, 2019

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 As you see the title, you know what a we going to talk about what is going to happen radha krishna serial, today's episode.

In today's episode, it will be seen that Ugrapat and Jatila come to see Radha in the gaushala and both the gopika and Radha come out there.  As soon as Gopika came, you closed the door.  Ugrapat is the beloved friend of Radha Gopika, why don't she come to meet him and then leave from there.

Radha krishna serial ugrapat and jatila

Then Radha says to Krishna that this is Radha's life again Krishna says that it is very late, let me go home now, then Radha says that you remember all those nights when you used to call me and play with you.  Puri used to talk at night and you did not let me go home.  Until today my mind accepts you, I will not let you go.

Radha krishna serial today

Then Radha asks Krishna to come in her form, without Bina Maya and she goes out, then Krishna also comes in her form, then Radha confesses that I have a puzzle, if you solve her then I will know you.

 "Choose paddy in the world,
 His love for earth,
 Gaya also help
 So wake up Radha love in Radha. "

Radha krishna serial 24-Oct,2019

So tell me what is it that Krishna starts thinking again and cannot think anything, so Radha starts running from there to the forest, then Krishna stops and then Radha stops and Radha sees that all the lamps are decorated and Krishna  It is said that I solved your puzzle Radha, so I have brought you here.

 For whom I stole paddy in Jagal, I had asked for fruit from the earth once and also helped Gomati, the third person, it means that Bai's Gomata had given me milk.  That means Paheli means Kheer and this is the same sage when Krishna was awakened in Radha for the puzzle time.

Radha krishna serial radha

Then Radha feeds Kheer by seating Krishna, then Krishna and Radha feeds Kheer to each other, then Krishna goes home with Radha to take the fire, then Radha holds Krishna's hand and says that if it is not yet known, then Krishna says  What can I do, Radhe, now only you can be pleased.  Then Radha lets them go.

Radha krishna serial daaoo

While there, the dau is awake and waiting for Krishna.  Krishna tries to hide from Dau but Dau sees them, Krishna asks Dawood to calm his anger, then Dao asks him about Vallabh.  Nana's or sometimes he is called a friend of grandfather, then Krishna is not able to make a dow in an owl, then Krishna says ".. .. you came with me to the house of Maha-Baba's brother."  Dushtra again denies him, then Krishna says that yes, he is the same friend.

Radha krishna serial today

Then Dau goes to ask Vallabh, only then Krishna remembers that there is no Vallabh there because Vallabh is in his house as Radha, then Krishna dodges and stands near the door and says that I will be with my friend today.  What you have done is not good, so sad.  You go, then Dau goes there and Krishna stays in the cowshed and is upset that I am getting caught in my own lila.

Radha krishna serial 24-Oct,2019

On the other hand, we see that Kansa makes Pralambasur a workhorse and says that Krishna should immediately come away from that rain because Krishna is elusive, he takes the form of a grudge and goes with the oyster and today's episode is over.  is.

Yesterday's episode we see that the Asura sent by Kansa tells Jatila that I have to touch Krishna's favorite thing, then Jatila says that now Radha will give Krishna's favorite thing.

Radha krishna serial episode. 24- Oct, 2019

 In the next scene, we see that Radha gives Jatila the peacock of Krishna, which she gives to the demon and he takes the demon in her hand.

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