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 As you see the thumbnail, you know what a we going to talk about what is going to happen radha krishna serial, today's episode.

 In today's episode it will be seen that Kanha tells his Ragha that Shri Ram and Sita took incarnation Radha tells that you did not even tell about the avatar, then Krishna says that the sixth avatar Parashurama, and his saga are one another  Ram's saga is parshuram and Parashuram's name is Rama.

Krishna tells us that Rama and Sita saw each other an enigma, both of them were lost in each other and they became each other in the first sight.

 Radha asks: "In a seer?"

Krishna says that birth is born lover, or Raghe, when he sees each other, he enters the self where only true pure love is found, and I love you like this.

After that, we see that the worship of Navratri is happening, that those men who decide to rain, they will not participate, they will not stay with women.  Then Ragha says that what we have to do, let us do that will fail, so let me say that I had learned the senses of Suryo, who went on to give me a choice against you, so the anger of Kansa will also be calm.

 Vrishabhan allows them and Ayank Krishna remembers him saying that you are a man too, you also have to accept this decision, then only Krishna speaks, I will not do any work, only I will guide, then he tells Dao that in future  In the upcoming Mahasagram my land will have to be leaked somewhere.

 Paha Krishna informs everyone that let Kans send goods,

While here, Devaki and Vasudev come to know in the office that the rest of the captives are residents and they go to Kedi Kedi and say that do you know Krishna?  Then everyone says that Maharaj wants Kansa to do the same, then Devki tells that Krishna will make you free Shigrahi, you do not worry, but it is a lamp, but people laugh at Krishna as coward and Vasudev and Devki say that the end of Kamsa is near.

 Here we see that Kansa sends Akru with the goods so that he does not sell the goods and asks to be washed that if there is no beekeeper of the priceless property, he will cut the head of each Kedi and send it to rain.  He says that Barsana Vasio will send his powerful eight powers to stop the beak, which will be like eight kans in a way.

 Here, Krishna and Dau get to know this plan and he tells that we are going near Kansa, Dau is just some time.

Here, the next Deen are doing Krishna Ragha in the guide market and Dau says that this man and woman have caused a lot of tension that they do not give ill to each other, men are not drinking truth.

 That is why Krishna says that Satyameva Jayate Satya always wins.

 Then Akru comes with the goods and Ayank tells that only Sreeya is adamant on the head and the men have accepted defeat.  And then Krishna says that the woman is in the form of a goddess, she can never be defeated, Akru is frightened by seeing Krishna and says that if the antidote is not finished, then one will cut each one's head here.

 Radha and everyone say that this is an injustice, yet he has won from Akru there and Yashoda starts crying.

And Jatila thinks that now the woman will retreat and now Krishna will have to go in front of Kansa and today's episode ends here.

 Tomorrow's episode will be seen that Lord Sri Rama is coming. In the next part it is shown that Krishna Radha listens to the story of Lord Sri Rama.

This story starts with Krishna from mother Sita's swayamvara, that Ram and Sita's actual marriage was impossible and here we see Lankapati Ravan's entry and says that Lankapati Ravan has grown up in a man who has seen his mother  Sita also gets worried and

That is why we see the sage Purushottam come very politely to Shri Rama and say that I am asking for the permission of this bow by Rama Uta and seeing this brings satisfaction in the mind of Mother Sita.

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