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 As you see the title, you know what a we going to talk about what is going to happen radha krishna serial, today's episode.

 Today's episode will be seen that we see that Jatila and Ayak are in stubbornness and that Jatila goes to Radha and confesses that Ragha, don't take care of my patience.  Answer the patient. Then the militants come and say that Jatila is right, you have to make sure that you have to do the housework and the work of the Puja.  I give you the order, Ragha will do whatever work Jatila will give you after today.

Then Ragha comes to the kitchen in the house and says that Krishna had said that he will do something so that I can experience his life Karsaku but how?

 On the other hand, we see that Krishna is taking the form of a gopika and then Ugrapat speaks Ragha out of the kitchen from Ragha, look who has come saying that she is your friend

 Then there is the gopika who tells herself to be the supreme friend of Ragha and both of them hug like Sakhiyo after a long time, Ayank says that if you are a friend of Ragha, I have never seen you in Barsana, then Gopika would have aired Ayank  Have you said that you saw heaven, brother-in-law?  She also does not mean that she does not know, Ragha tells everyone that this is my little friend, then Gopika says that Ragha has called me for help in her household work so that Ragha can also do Puja work.

Only then does Jatila refuse to keep Gopika in the house but agrees.  Jatila tells the gopika that if any work is not done in time or any mistake, you must immediately go back home and Ragha will not be able to do the work of worship.

 Then Gopika lovingly tells Ragha to take me in the kitchen while holding my hand, I know a little bit where she is called Chizzi. Then Ragha takes Gopika's hand and takes her to the kitchen.  Then Jatila tells Ayank that I will do so much work in it that its breath will stop.

 On the other hand, Krishna Ragha says that you are hiding your envy among your husbands because I am looking forward to you so much that Ragha confesses that you will experience your life in life, only then Krishna says that when you become a lion  There will be a love there, he will give clothes to Ragha to Vallabh.

On the other side, there comes Bellagadi in Krishna's house and Vallabh i.e. Ragha comes in Belgadi.  Dow looks at him and asks, when Ragha tells me that I am Vallabh, Krishna's favorite friend, Dau says how can Kanha have a friend whom I do not know and who has such a soft hand, waist on waist, head on peacock, you Krishna  His friends are feeling less than his spoon, only then Vallabh says that I did not have a mother because of my childhood, so how can I not be fed? I have heard a lot of praise from Krishna, then Yashoda comes to Vallabh  Is it that Kanha never brought you home or else would have fed you like she used to.

Vallabh says that Krishna said that until Puja is completed, stay in his house and help us.  Dow says that there is no place in our house, you have to sleep in the cowshed.  Then Dau goes away, and then Ragha says that now Krishna will come to meet me, so many things he would not have done all over.

On the other hand, Krishna (Gopika) is working badly, Jatila makes Gopika do a good job and Jatila tells Gopika to bring water from Yamuna and she is also together in five pieces and today's episode ends

 In yesterday's episode, Dikhege's gopika is filling the pot with water and Vallabh is carrying stones in the hand to break the pot from behind.  Gopika tries to save a lot like Ragha used to save earlier but Vallabh gives the ragha matki pod.

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