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 As you see the thumbnail, you know what a we going to talk about what is going to happen radha krishna serial, today's episode.

 In today's episode, it will be seen that Barsaname prepares for Navratri and Krishna tells Dau not to worry about Ragha. Krishna tells that it is very difficult for the ninth Deen Ragha of Navratri.

Here everyone comes to Kansa and Vishaban tells Radha to keep quiet.  Kansa comes and Vishaban asks Shama and says that he did not know that he could not respect his anomaly.  Kansha asked to present the person whom was consulted and Radha tells that I had consulted for the health of the people.  Are you

 Kansa Kaughik gets that as a woman, you have a lot of courage, Ayank and all the other shamas, and in the same matter, Ayank also says that Che Radha is not saying it herself, but she is only doing what Krishna says.  And Kansa also says that undoubtedly, the thoughts of a little Balika in the gentle mind of a small Balika cannot be lost, but what will be the work of an erudite child, and this is definitely your Uddha Sakha Krishna Kehi Karamat.
 He then gives the order to Krishna to give him his blessings and Radha says that there is no respect for the matter that I have this idea that Krishna says that it is okay to have the proof, I want proof too, tomorrow.  The goods of all the hands of Mathura will be sold here, but you have to sell them in 6 dinos and it captures half the people who brought the rain.

Then he threatens that if Radha could not sell all the goods of Hatha in 4 dinos, then she will have to fold it 4 times then Krishna will have to be brought in front of her or else he will kill the people made captive.  He tells that if Radha is successful, Samans will release Barsana and release the prisoners and Radha accepts this choice and says that Krishna has accepted this choice only on your request.

After that, the quick rain comes back and holds the meeting and we give a thought that we should give Krishna soap to Sighe Sighe Kamsa, Ragha says that she believes in herself that what she did was justified.

 Kansa's flare is unfair and we should not wait in front of him, if we try, we will win the necessary, we will be free from the curse for 1 year.  Fir Jatila says that it is impossible to win with Kansa; that is Kansa; it is only fair to give Krishna a soap.

 Krishna says what Ragha said is true, what is right, what is this Navratri, we worship victory over the evil of Achhai and if we ourselves lose out of fear then what is the use?
 We have to fight. We all have to fight against the evil of Kamsa. We have to make this impossible task possible otherwise there is no use of celebrating Navratri.

That is why Jatila says, stop reading the cane strip, rain is not a problem for many people, then only Yashoda says that Ragha Krishna is saying that she is right, I am with her, then all the residents of Barsana mainly support women Radha-Krishna
 Krishna says that if we fail, he will go to Mathura on his own with Radha and meet Kansa and Yashoda says with great faith that I will send my love to myself

 Jatila gets upset when she sees water falling on her game and says that men, do you also have to support Puri's complete extermination with that women?  And she tells them all to think and take decision.

Radha and Krishna meet here and Radha says how successful will they both be?  , Then Krishna says that if Radhe is the power of love in my mind, then the whole world can be won, to teach this lesson, Narayan and Lashmi came as the seventh incarnation Ram and Sita and we are punished by our Sita, and today.  The episode ends here.

Tomorrow's episode will be seen that Kanha starts her Ragha with the story of Shri Ram and Sita, the seventh incarnation of Sri Narayana, Krishna tells Radha that Lord Ram and Sita had become one another in the same world.

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