Radha krishna serial english : 22-Oct,2019

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 As you see thumbnail, it is known what a we going to talk about what is going to happen radha krishna serial.

Today's episode is it will be seen that in this we see that Gopika comes with heavy pottery to fill water in Yamuna.  He tells all the gopis that first let me fill water, I have a lot of work, I have a lot of grief in my life, like Ayank and Jatila Kaki.  They get them all filled with water, which annoys the rest of the gopis, and then all the gopis help each other, they all put pots in each other's head, but none of the gopis help, all the gopis went on by putting the pots on the head.  Goes here and here, the gopika (Krishna) has to pour the pot on his own and is going to the forest with a hard pot.

On the way, Vallabh (Ragha) stands with a stone in his hand when he comes so that he can break the chestnut.  Krishna pleads that I have a lot of Mahenat, please do not break my pot and only then Vallabh (Radha) says that there is no good reason for breaking your pot and as Krishna goes from the front, Ragha gives all the pot from behind.  And Krishna is completely drenched, then Ragha says that this is Ragha's life, now it was found out that you used to torture me, go and get new potions and fill water in Yamuna again.  Or after Raga does it keep a pot a tree is known to be behind the new there on five again thank Gopika Vallabh.

On the other side, there is a preparation of Puja and brought a banana pillar in it, in which there is a dispute of the Ayank and the Vallabh says in front of everyone that I am brought in from this Bellgadi and only then Dao takes him with him to work.

 On the other hand, the gopika is very difficult, one is not cooking, and the food is burnt from the top, only then the junk comes to make puriya right now and burn a whole puri, then by saying this you will be out of the house.  Jatila goes away and then comes to Shukla and says that what food is being prepared tonight?  There will be no taste in the food, nor do I manage to do anything else and says Hopika, you also sprinkle salt, then after all the work Gopika thinks that she will go to meet Ragha in the sun.

In Sanghya, Ragha plays Basuri and tells Krishna, and Krishna takes all the work and runs away to Ragha, but she comes late and Regha says what you used to do when I was willful, you were angry and I followed you back.  I used to go back and celebrate you, I am going there too, what is the stone of Satanarayana going to be established in Puja, then it says that my deen toh gaya poor deen bassuri baja  , GOPIO for the teasing, Yashoda got a lot of love of the Spirit, churn observed no QS then has come to assemble all thinking first in abscesses and Krishna Raga their behind behind the move for ways to convince them.

On the other hand, Shukracharya comes to Kansa's lonely closed Kansa and Kansa asks Shukracharya when he said to meet Krishna?  As such, he can bring anyone in the future and future.  The call of prayer that tells you the future and kansa is ready for that

Radha is also worshiped in the second day of Barsana, in its form, and Dow Vallabh is being piled up, and here Satanarayana's rock comes and it turns to Gir, then Ugrapat says that something inauspicious is happening, Narayan is angry with us.  That's when Krishna comes and says that Narayan is not angry with you, Kaka and today's episode ends here.

Tomorrow's episode will be shown that Vallabh is caged in Gaushala and on the way there Gopika also kettles from outside the gatla and then Jatila tells Ugrapat that Ragha has not come home so far and Ugrapat  It is said that if this is the case, Ragha will stop going out of the house.

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