Radha krishna serial: 20 - Nov in english

Radha krishna serial 20 - Nov in english

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 As you see the title, you know what a we going to talk about what is going to happen radha krishna serial.

In today's episode, it will be seen that Maiah Yashoda and Nand Baba both allow Krishna to go.  Krishna says that I want to tell the world that the one who gives birth is bigger than the one who gives birth.  The world will come to know me in the name of Sadave Yashoda Nandan. Your mother will always be a symbol of Mamta, then at night Radha Krishna meets Krishna. I will go to you, I remember all your words.

Radha says yes, I will play with colors, I will make you laugh, I will send you everything with joy.  Krishna says what will come tonight to meet him at Rasavan for one last time, Radha says when you will be found then we will meet every day, why are you saying this but do not worry, I will definitely come to meet you at night.

Radha krishna serial episode in english

Later, Krishna tells Dao that I will tell Radha the full truth tonight, that I will never come after leaving.  On the other hand, Radha makes Kheer for Krishna but the milk breaks.  Radha gets nervous that if she is not inauspicious, Krishna is going to get the maximum number of times that she is not true.  Is there any difference with Krishna on that side?

At midnight, Radha comes to meet Krishna for a great time, Krishna says that today he does not feel like playing bass, and Krishna gets up and the bass goes away.  Krishna Kapate tries to tell with lips that he will not come back.  Radha says that there are other ways to know your mind than Krishna.

Radha krishna serial episode in 20 Nov

If your love springs fall apart, then I will understand that the apprehensions of my heart were right.  She tells Krishna to play the flute so that she can know that the flute is inside.  She gives Krishna with trembling hands and Krishna starts playing the flute.

But his notes are fine and Radha understands that he had this illusion.  There will be no disrespect to Krishna on that side.  She holds Krishna's hand, bends her in love, and asks Krishna to speak about her importance, for which she told him.  Krishna tries to say, but is unable to say and says something else that I am proud of you that you have told Maia and Baba with so much love, that I am going to Kansa and yet there is no fear.

Then Radha says that I thought that you are going to tell me something like this, I will be very sad to hear and even the milk was torn which has not happened till date but now all is well.  Radha cradles Krishna and Krishna starts crying crying how can he finally tell his Radha.  Later Krishna comes to Dau and tells that he could not tell Radha anything.

He says that how can I tell Radha, I saw his serene smile, his soft heart, how can I not be able to tell without telling duo, and Radha.  Dau says that only you can do the work of telling Radha the complete truth.

Radha Krishna serial episode today

Krishna says that there is no other person who can tell this truth and at the same time while sleeping in his room, Radha looks in the dream that when Krishna lifted the flute from the ground in Rasavan, it was broken but Krishna loved  When the voice is blown, it is cured, but correcting it will not change the fact that it is going to be different from Krishna now.

On the other hand, Krishna says that if someone other than me can tell Radha, only Radha is there.  On the other hand, Radha weeps crying that my love has fallen between her duty and my Krishna and she breaks all kinds of brains like mad in the middle of the night, crosses every obstacle and walks to Krishna.  Radha says that she loves me so much that she could not say anything to me.

Radha krishna serial today

If my love is perfect then it will never stop you from performing your duty, you could not say it, but I understood that if you go to Krishna, you will never come to the lot and in this way Radha Krishna's maximum meeting today and both feet.  He starts crying and today's episode ends right.

Radha krishna serial hostar

In the next episode, we will see that Radha weeping cry to Krishna, what is it that you cannot come out of your radha again and what will Krishna answer?  On the other side, Devas and Vasudev light a lamp in confinement. He tells Kans that look, this lamp is not the last few days of your life, and what will happen on the last lamp is extinguished, and on the face of Kans, extreme fear is seen.

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