Radha krishna episode : 14 Dec in english

Radha krishna episode

Radha krishna episode: 14 Dec, 2019 in english  on radha krishna serial website. radha krishna related  whatsapp status download on this website.

Star bharat radha krishna episode 9 Dec,  2019 in hindi on radha krishna serial website.  radha krishna serial related radha krishna serial songs download radha krishna status in hindi and gujarati on radha Krishna serial website.

Hello guys, very good morning all of you and radhe radhe.  Welcome to our website radhakrishnaserial.com
 As you see the title, you know what a we going to talk about what is going to happen radha krishna serial.

In today's episode, it will be seen that Rushi Mahipani says that there will be only education in this ashram.  Krishna says that I accept everything.  Krishna goes to the room and renounces his peacock flute.  Then Dau comes and says, do you abandon your Radha like this peacock and flute?  Krishna says that even with the love with which Radha gave me this peacock and flute, he cannot abandon it even after wanting it.  Radha's love is nothing but the power to live life and the consciousness of mind.  Guru Sadapani would never want me to give up my life and consciousness.

On the other hand, through Jatila, Radha learns that Krishna is going to the ashram of Guru Sadipni, there he will remain the same after seven years.  Jatila again resides that Radha will become the head.  You do what you want to do.  Then Radha says that you people cannot understand Krishna yet.  There is no such knowledge of the world, it took Krishna seven years to get it.  I believe what if seven years?  It will not take seventy days.  Krishna will complete it in advance.

On the other hand, Krishna and Dau are offered in the Yajna.  He takes donations from both his wife.  Then ask Sadipni to take a resolution.  But Dau refuses for that.  But Krishna says that if someone attains education before the century, then it is not necessary to stop the ashram.  Only then does Krishna promise that for the next seven years, he dedicates himself to the Guru.

Guru Sadipani says that from tomorrow your education will start.  Later Krishna tells Dau that we are not going to live even this seventy days.  This is my Radha's belief.  It is my religion to complete it.  Krishna and Dau write Veda, war and skillful arts without sleeping.  On the other hand, Radha also starts reading Vedo recitation saying Ugrapat.  One night Krishna asks Guruma, what makes you so angry with us?  Then Guruma says that you did not sleep till the last one lived.  You are not ordinary, I am angry to be a divine soul.  My son is lost somewhere. My husband has served many divine souls.  But nobody has helped me.  All divine souls are selfish.  After saying this she goes away crying.

Krishna tells Dau that what we want to do now is to be done by us.  An impossible task is going to happen next.  Which has never come in the world.  Krishna and Dau only teach all the hundred and sixty Vaido arts in Chosanth Din.  They capture all their knowledge.  Guruman says that it is impossible to learn these Chosath arts in Chosanth Din.  Guru Saadipani asks to take Krishna and Dau's examination.

He tells Krishna that tomorrow morning, you will have to recite all four of us.  If you make any mistake then you will have to stay for seven years.  Krishna tells Dau that we will recite the Vaid of the four, we mean Radha.  This will be the first time that both Radha and Krishna will hear Vedo together.  Krishna comes to recite the next Deen Vedo.  All the Gods and Goddesses stand with folded hands listening to Vedo.

Krishna calls Radha with his heart.  Krishna sees Radha in front of him.  He says that for the heats of the world, we should start the Vedas.  They start reading both Vedas.  Radha recites Vedas in Barsana and Krishna ashram.  All Radha come to Barsana to hear the Vedas of Rani.  And today's episode ends at this.

 In the next episode, we will see that the weapon of the universe, which has the knowledge of all the Vedas, how did Sudarshan Chakra come to Krishna's Ugli?  They will know  That is, in the next episode, we will see what kind of Shri Krishna received Sudarshan Chakra.

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