Why Krishna Not Married Radha | How did Radha Died | English

Why Krishna Not Married Radha | How did Radha Died | English

Why Krishna Not Married radha in English,  In this Post we talk about Why Krishna Not Married To Radha and How did Radha Died in English.

When Shri Krishna's name is taken, it never happened that Radha Ji's name was taken.  Shri Krishna is generally called by his devotee Radhe Krishna.

Because the two names of this word are only made for each other and no one can separate them, but what happened then?

When Krishna had to leave Radha without knowing how the last night of Radha of Krishna would have been, it creates a distraction in the mind of the question. 

Today we are going to turn two pages of Radha's life and How Did Radha Died? which most of us know do not know anything.

Why Krishna Not Married RadhaNo one can separate Krishna from Radha and Radha of Krishna, but did not leave them in the circumstances and time.  

We all know that Krishna's childhood was spent in the streets of Vrindavan.  Naughty Nandlal likes everyone with his help, he used to bothersome but Vrindavan had happiness with Krishna.

Krishna won the hearts of all the gopis with the sweet voice of his flute, but most of all he was also hypnotized.  Radha loved Krishna more and Krishna also loved Radha.

Radha used to live in a village called Rapli, a short distance from Vrindavan.  Everyday Krishna's sweet flute sound was drawn.  

But Krishna's life was also not ordinary, gradually the time was just coming near when Krishna had to leave Vrindavan and go to Mathura.

The torture of Krishna's wicked maternal uncle Kamsa had reached the climax and one day Kansa invited him and his brother Balaram to Mathura, and this created a fear within everyone in the city of Vrindavan.

As mourning swept across Vrindavan, mother Yashoda was upset because her heart piece was going away from them, but Krishna's gopis were no less sad.

Why Krishna Not Married Radha | How did Radha Died | English

The chariot was brought by Kansa to take both. Everyone made a circle around that chariot. Thinking that he will not let Krishna go.  

On the other hand, Krishna started worrying about Radha and he was thinking that he should meet Radha once before leaving.

Krishna got an opportunity and went out of silence and then he found Radha, who could not say anything as soon as he saw it.  

The story of Radha Krishna's union is very amazing, both were neither speaking or feeling anything, just quietly Radha not only wanted Krishna but also understood his mind and his mind.

 What is going on in Krishna's mind?  Radha could already understand, so perhaps both of them did not need to speak anything at that time and after saying goodbye to Radha returned to Krishna and came and explained to the gopis too and after getting permission left from there and Vrindavan is heard without Krishna.  

Gone. Neither there was any movement nor the pastimes of Krishna. All the people were immersed in Krishna's grief.

On the other hand, Radha did not feel any difference because in his eyes Krishna had never separated from him, he got physical separation, he did not have any importance for them.  

If something was important, Radha Krishna should always be emotionally connected.

After Krishna left, Radha kept thinking about him all day.  A long time passed like this, but Radha did not even know what is going to happen in Radha's life.

What happens to every girl also happened to Radha.  Under pressure from parents, Radha got married and after marriage started spending her life in household work but in any corner of the heart, Krishna still loved her.

Radha Krishna Story in English

Many years later, there came a time when Radha had become very old and one night, Radha sneaked out of the house and wandered to the city of Krishna's Dwarka.  Upon reaching there, Radha requested to meet Krishna.

But the first time he had a chance was when Krishna was standing surrounded by a lot of people.  

On seeing Radha, there was no place for Krishna's happiness, but even then there is no conversation between the two as they still did not need to speak.

No one used to go to the city of Dwarka, who was Radha, but who appointed her as Devika in the palace as per Radha.  

Radha used to stay in the palace all day, watch the palace related works, and whenever she got a chance, she would stand away and see Krishna.

But slowly a fear was born in Radha's mind. Which kept increasing with time.  He was afraid of going away from Shri Krishna.

His feelings did not allow him to be near Krishna.  Also, old age was taking him away from Krishna.  Then a deen Radha sneaked out of the palace.

Radha did not know where she was going, what would be found on the road, yet she left.  But everyone knew Krishna.  

Therefore, even in his inner self, he knew where Radha was going, then the time came when Radha needed Krishna, just wanted to see Krishna somehow and when this desire came in his mind, Krishna appeared to him.

Radha became very happy to see Krishna in front.  That time had come to a close. When Radha gave up her life and wanted to goodbye the world.  

Krishna asked Radha and asked for some sentences from him.  But Radha refused.

How did Radha Died

Krishna said again that Radha you never asked for anything from me. At Krishna's request, Radha asked him to play the flute for the last time and Krishna pulled out the flute without delay and started playing very sweet and as the sound of the flute went into his ears Radha closed his eyes and slowly Radha  Abandoned his body.

His wish was that Krishna was not taking the name of stopping the tears from his eyes with Radha in his lap and started crying with his hands, and after that day Krishna never played the flute.

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