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 As you see the title, you know what a we going to talk about what is going to happen radha krishna serial.

In today's episode, it will be seen that Radha asks Krishna what is it that you cannot get back from your Radha.  Krishna says that my duty does not end by leaving my parents.  I want to fulfill my birth.  Radha says that despite knowing this, it is probably our last meeting, I will say this, go away and fulfill your duty, this is your wish of Radha.  Krishna says that the wish of Sakhi is my command.

Krishna weeps a lot and says that he knew that my radha would set me free because love does not mean anything and that is what Sikhs are for the world.  Radha says that one more thing to teach the world is that pure love is always pure and special after the separation of two lovers.  I will fulfill my every promise to Krishna.  If we are infinite lovers, we will get separated and we will get separated and we will meet Krishna.

On the other side, the lamp burns in Devaki's imprisonment and then Kans says that I have managed to kill Krishna.  Devki says that this lamp is not humble for the rest of your life.  Look carefully every day from now on, a lamp will be extinguished and a maximum lamp is extinguished, you know what will happen, at your end, Kans tries to extinguish those lamps by herself, but after several times she is not able to extinguish the lamp and says Devki again  Look at the diyas being extinguished automatically, and at the same time a deen purifies and a lamp is extinguished.  Devki says that counting the last day of your life, now you start.

On the other hand, Radha meets Krishna for the last time and takes a break from Krishna.  She prays to Narayana's Murti as to why I am suffering so much.  I believe that what I did was right then why I want to stop Krishna.  Narayan, now you give me strength, my Krishna is going for his duty.

I should not let him be an obstacle and I will never let my weakness come in front of my Krishna, otherwise he will never go.  Give me strength that I can fulfill every word of Krishna.  I want to become the power of Krishna.  I do not want to be an obstacle in the path of Radha who is Krishna.  On the other hand Krishna  hearing this, promises that he will not go from Vridavan without fulfilling all his words.

On the other hand, Kansa starts the Yajna and loots all the wealth of the people and the people start praying for liberation from Kansa.  Kutila and Jatila come near Kans.  Kans tells them that Akru has not brought Krishna here yet.  Now arrange to bring Krishna here as quickly as possible.

On the other hand, Maiya tells Krishna that I do not even know when you will lie and what will he do with you.  So Krishna says that no plan of cans will be completed.  On the other hand, Jattisa and Kutila plan to send Krishna to Kansa as soon as possible that he will spread the word in the whole village that Krishna is going to Mathura.  He will not be able to refuse otherwise his parents will be insulted.

On the other hand, Maiya puts all the favorite items of Kanha in all the potions and Krishna says that you do not worry that you will take all the things with you in Maiya.  Then Krishna tells Dau that tonight, when the whole rain will be sleeping, then we will leave from two places, only when the jatila and the Kutila come there and the village comes to know that Akru would have come to take Krishna to Mathura Tells everyone.

On the other hand, foolish Kans says that come Krishna is waiting for you, and today's episode ends on the right.

In the next episode, we will see that all the Barsana residents chant slogans of Krishna and Balarama's Jai Jai Kar and gather to bid them off, then Ugrapat performs the aarti of Krishna, when Radha stops them and says that Krishna's tilak only Radha  Will be from.  She approaches Krishna with aarti plate.  Ugrapat shouts and says that which kind of relationship is there with your Krishna that if you have got the right to talk about it, Radha says without fear that I have a love affair with Krishna.

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