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Radha krishna serial episode today

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 As you see the title, you know what a we going to talk about what is going to happen radha krishna serial.

In today's episode, it will be seen that Kutila says about Radha's fat Iui Kheer that Radha made Kheer for Krishna one last time and she got ripped off.  That is why I have made Kheer for the last time.  Jatila says that Krishna's vow should be grand in front of everyone, then Maiya says, I will send my Lalla in front of everyone with a drum - Nagada.  Jatila and Kutila go to wash that Krishna will leave for Mathura tonight.

On the other side, Radha is decorating the plate of Krishna's tilak, only then Kutila says that Krishna is going tonight only.  Radha thinks how she will complete all the words in such a short time.

On the other hand, Krishna says that I do not want everyone to know that I do not have cow, I am a prince.  That's why Maiya says that I wanted to leave you with a drum - Nagada, because Saar Barsana and Vridavan love you.  Then Dau says to Krishna that if we go in front of everyone, then Radha will fulfill his promise.  Krishna says that this is the last word given by Radha to Krishna, she will fulfill the promise given to Krishna in any price.

Later the people of Pura Barsana come and start doing Krishna and Balaram's Jai Jai Kar.  Maiya tells that my sons have won in Ballayudha, so Kans has called her to Mathura.  Maiya asks Ugrapat to sneak in as he is as sharp as a prince.

Ugrapat brings a vaccine to Krishna with a plate, then Radha stops him. She comes to vaccine for Krishna with a plate herself.  She says that Krishna's commentary will be from Radha's hands only.  That is why Jatila and Anya Radha say that you have not been so ashamed that you are calling Krishna your Krishna in front of all of us.  And furiously ask, which kind of relationship is there with this Krishna, that you should be given the right to say it.

So Radha says that I have a love affair with Krishna.  So the militants get angry and say that you know what you are saying.  Jatila says that all this was happening through Sharu.  I told you  Today, declare this Radha unholy.  So Ridha says that what I said inappropriate, I played with Krishna Barsana and Vridavan, this tree has given the same kind of love.  Yashoda Maiya, Nand Baba and Dau have also given love like Krishna.  Who is there in this rainy year and in Vridavan, who has loved Radha Krishna differently.

Maiya says that Radha is related to Krishna's love, and I give Radha the right to Radha Krishna herself and if Radha did not touch her, then Krishna would not let me know.  So Ugrapat says that now the command of the mother is the command of God himself, let Jav Radha follow it.

At this time, Krishna stops time by pinching it.  Krishna takes tears from his radha and says that today I am feeling the same kind of love as it was when I met Radha for the first time.  Like the first time, Krishna rides his Radha's lattice and says that your lattice is still to be ridden. Or this episode ends today.

In the next episode, we will see that Akru takes Krishna and Balaram in a chariot and starts going to Mathura.  That's when Radha comes and stands in front of the chariot and she asks Viraharas with Krishna for the last time and Radha Krishna's last time is Viraharas Sharu.  In which Krishna and Radha do not have happiness at the time of Raas for the first time, take an Asu dance to anant dance with Asu.

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