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Radha krishna episode: 19 Dec, 2019 in english  on radha krishna serial website. radha krishna related  whatsapp status download on this website.

Star bharat radha krishna episode 18 Dec,  2019 in hindi on radha krishna serial website.  radha krishna serial related radha krishna serial songs download radha krishna status in hindi and gujarati on radha Krishna serial website.

Hello guys, very good morning all of you and radhe radhe.  Welcome to our website radhakrishnaserial.com
 As you see the title, you know what a we going to talk about what is going to happen radha krishna serial.

In today's episode Dikhaya will be seen that Dau meets Rawati.  Dau is very happy but Revathi gets angry.  Because he made no effort to meet and wrote the letter.  Daw says that I am a little raw in love affair.  Then Revathi agrees.  She hugs Dau.  Revathi says that I will be with you all my life.  Then Dau and Krishna meet Yashoda.  Maiya praises Krishna's might.  Krishna calls Maaya's Makhan a power.  Then Dao mixes Maia with Revati.

On the other hand, the jatila and the kutila are disturbed.  He says, why is Krishna still dead?  When Radha has to decide to become the head and the next head is going to be selected.  Jatila again talks of planning another way.

 On the other hand, Jrussan and Jarasan think that Krishna, how did a child, a young boy, defeat Kans?  Jarasan remembers that Kans also defeated him in the Ballud.  He was standing in front of him for a long time.  That is why Jarasan gave his daughter a soap to Kans.  Jarasan says that there is definitely deception with Kans.  Can't beat him.

On the other hand, Maiya feeds her hands to Krishna and Dau.  Dau feeds Revati.  Why does Revathi eat even if she is full of her stomach?  Krishna tells that tomorrow is going to be a very important announcement.  Then Krishna realizes that Radha has refused to take the post of head.

 The next morning elections are held for the post of head.  Ugrapat says that Nanda wants to be the chief because of my suggestion.  Jatila then stops her and tells her that she is a refuge for Barsana.  How can they be made head?  The head of Barsana should be a young person and a person of Barsana.  That's why Krishna says that Radha is better than Ayank.  Radha will be the head.

By the order of Krishna, everyone starts falling in his feet.  Krishna only asks to bless himself, not to bow.  Because he is a shepherd for all of them.  Krishna blinks the time with a blink of an eye.  Then he explains to Kadha that she has to become queen, it is necessary for your life.  Sansar will remind you as a queen till eternity.  Krishna starts the time with a blink of an eye.

 Ugrapat asks Radha to return, will she become the head of Barsana?  Radha says it.  Jatila then shouts that Kans himself made Ayank the head of Barsana.  A head must be strong.  Kans Jahe was also there but he had a bat.  So that he could protect the loco towards the land of here.  Ask, is Radha so strong that she can protect the loco of this place?

On the other side, intelligence tells Rukhmani that Krishna is not in Mathura.  Nor is it even a Sadipani ashram.  But Rukhmani says that by doing caiye, bring information about Krishna.  As the detective goes, Krishna says that he decorates flowers on his turban.  Rukhmani puts it in his picture.  And today's episode ends at this.

 In tomorrow's episode we will see that Rukhmani flutes the tiger in front of him.  She says that I have to listen to the tune of Krishna, but all the flute hands join hands and say that we are not even in front of Krishna.  Rukhmani says that I have to meet Krishna, listen to his flute tune.  On the other hand, Radha accepts to be the head.  She takes the oath as the queen of Barsana and Virdavan.  Krishna tells everyone that Magat emperor Jarasan is about to attack Barsana.  You all have to abandon this village and stay somewhere else.

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