Radha krishna episode : 28 dec in english

Radha krishna episode

Radha krishna episode: 28 Dec, 2019 in english  on radha krishna serial website. radha krishna related  whatsapp status download on this website.

Star bharat radha krishna episode 28 Dec,  2019 in english on radha krishna serial website.  radha krishna serial related radha krishna serial songs download radha krishna status in hindi and gujarati on radha Krishna serial website.

Hello guys, very good morning all of you and radhe radhe.  Welcome to our website radhakrishnaserial.com
 As you see the title, you know what a we going to talk about what is going to happen radha krishna serial.

In today's episode, it will be seen that Radha says what will happen to Krishna without a flute?  So Krishna says that I will stay like he will live without his Radha.  Now your memory is my support  On the other side, Rukmani prays to Jarasan.  She also agrees to do Swayamvara.  But do not attack Barsana.

He was a godless person.  He kept his father and his sister Ked.  He killed his sister's eight sons.  I will accept your every wish.  So Jarasan says that after victory over Krishna, I will show a little mercy to him.  He decides that victory and Rukhmani will get married on Krishna together.  Rukhmani says that the idealized husband for her is only Krishna.

On the other hand, Krishna gives the final gift to Radha.  He says that a time will come, when the sky will be filled with stars, there will be fullness, everywhere - chilliness and fragrance, my radha will be at the peak of love, then I will come from the east.  Will take you from here forever.  A place that will be only for Radha Krishna.  Which will be amazing.  Whose happiness will everyone and this is my word.  Radha says that I will wait for that time.

Radha says do you last time you can hold my hand till tomorrow morning?  That's when Dau comes running away.  He says that a team of Jarasan's army is coming this way.  We have to leave here now.  Krishna says that there was only one desire that Radha's hand could be held till tomorrow morning, that too was not fulfilled.  Radha leaves Krishna's hand forever for the heats of Barsana.  A part of Radha's chuddi goes with Krishna.

Then Krishna and Dau quickly run away from the rain in the forest.  Soldiers reach Barsana and ask people about Krishna.  They find that Krishna is not in Barsana.  He sends this command to his general.  Then Krishna rides on a chariot and gets out of the rain with Dau.  Then Krishna's chariot reaches such a place.  Where Jarasan's army surrounds him.  Then Krishna's maternal grandfather surrounds the army of Jarasan.

Krishna's chariot is now clouded by the strength of the two forces.  But Krishna refuses his grandfather to commit violence.  Because he does not want to win by shedding the blood of his army.  In this we will prove our superiority with our kindness.  Jarasan will be more frightened than the slaughter when all his soldiers will be alive.  Then they become Krishna's maternal grandfather.  He asks his army to return.

On the other side, there is a meeting in Barsana.  Ayank accuses Radha Rani that even on Radha Rani's orders, Krishna was in Barsana till last night.  Therefore, the army reached here and started beating with people.  Therefore, I allege that Radha Rani is not eligible for this position.  He will have to resign.

Radha says that it is true that Krishna was in the village till last night.  But Krishna is also a resident of here, we should not forget it.  He has the right to meet his family and beloved people one last time before leaving.  Jatila says who went to meet in the dark of night?  Radha says courageously that he went to meet his beloved friend Radha and today's episode ends at this point.

In tomorrow's episode Dikhaya will be seen that Rukhmani says that Krishna understood me.  You can also beat Jarasan.  That's when Rukmani's father comes and says that Krishna can never defeat Jarasan because Jarasan is immortal.  On the other hand, Krishna tells Dau that we have to find a place which will be very divine.  On the other hand, Radha says that Krishna should go and build our house.  I am waiting for that time.

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