Radha krishna serial 23 Nov in english

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Radha krishna serial episode today

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 As you see the title, you know what a we going to talk about what is going to happen radha krishna serial.

In today's episode, it will be seen that Radha tells Krishna that I will be waiting when you will roll and Krishna will keep riding my rod till infinity.  And Radha starts the time with a pinch.  She performs aarti of Kanha and recites it, then Krishna takes blessings from Ugrapat and Nand.  Nand says don't give me away because I will come to Mathura with you in Mathura before you arrive because someone needs to be with you.

Then he bade farewell to Maiya and thanked Vridavan and Barsana.  He is leaving and Radha says that I have two words left.  Krishna and Dau sit in a bullock cart and Gau says that we are going to Krishna.  How will Radha's two words be fulfilled?

The other and Kans get the message that Krishna has left for Mathura.  Kans says that just, I have to please Mahadev.  Mahadev says that I will have to do the deed of granting a boon to Kansa after Kansa's yagna is successful.

Radha krishna serial episode today

Dusri and Radha come to the chariots of Krishna and Dau and say that all their friends are with her.  Saree takes hold of the Sakhiya chariot.  And she weeps crying that Krishna will not let you go like this.  You have taught us the meaning of life, how you have lived your real life in the power of the night, what you love is all this.  Dau and Akru start going forward and they will wait for Krishna.  So that Gopia could leave Krishna properly.  Gopia asks Krishna to stop.  But Krishna says that my work will be completed only by advancing, Radha explain them.

Radha says that if you want to go then you will have to end all these opposition.  You will have to wear their hair because your love symbol is so perfect that your victory is my symbol and only when Krishna deceives that when Radha Krishna is remembered then Gopis will be remembered.

Then Krishna alternately rides all the gopis with his hands.  Then Gopia says that now we will not stop you going, just hear the flute for the last time, Krishna.  That's why Radha says yes Krishna, I too have a wish.  Viraharas with me for one last time Krishna wants to be free with you in one last time with the free colors of Raas.  And Krishna starts playing the flute.  Radha remembers all the rasas through her, in which she is with Kanha.

After Raas, Gopia weeps crying that just Krishna, don't leave us.  She leaves on her own with permission from Krishna.  And Radha says that the last word is still pending.  Krishna then you will go forever.

Radha krishna serial 23 Nov in english

Mahadev has to appear due to the sacrifice of others and Kans and Kans asks for the fruits of his sacrifice.  So Mahageva gives him a boon that until this Shiva Dhanush is broken, Kans cannot be defeated nor can he be killed.  Mahadev says that no one can break apart from my adorable Narayan.  Not even myself and Mahadev goes away.  Then Kans goes mad with happiness.  Kans says that now I become immortal, now that Krishna can never defeat me.  And today's episode ends at this.

In the next episode we will see that Radha Krishna plays with color.  Radha herself takes Krishna to the border of Barsana.  Then Krishna says that I am coming Mamashree, your end is coming near.

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