Radha krishna episode : 25 - Nov in english

Radha krishna episode today

Radha krishna episode : 25. Nov, 2019 on radha krishna serial website in hindi. In this website daily upload radha krishna episode in hindi and english language.  So this wasting time let's start radha krishna episode 25, Nov

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 As you see the title, you know what a we going to talk about what is going to happen radha krishna serial.

In today's episode, it will be seen that Radha tells Krishna that I will leave you with colors and you don't have any color, how will you color me Krishna?  So Krishna throws a color on Radha with a handful and then Radha starts running towards Krishna to add color.  Krishna dyes Radha again and Radha also colors Krishna and Krishna also colors Radha.  In this way Radha's third word is fulfilled.  At the same time, the sun rises and it is time for Krishna to leave.  For the fear of Radha Krishna Vihara, both of them hug each other for the last time.

On the other side, Kans comes in prison and sees that only one lamp is burnt.  Kans says that this last lamp will never be extinguished.  I myself have the blessing of Mahadev, now even if this last lamp is extinguished, your son will not be able to do anything.  If this lamp is extinguished then it will not die in your son.  So Devki says that the belief of a mother can never be wrong.  Why did he have to change the legislation of Vighi for him, my son had to break the gift of Mahadev.

On the other side Radha brings Krishna to the Barsana range.  Krishna leaves Radha with great sorrow.  And Krishna starts chasing him on the chariot.  Akru tells that Mahadev has given a boon to Kans.  We have to think of some way to break the bow.  The chariot starts moving and Krishna goes away from Radha's eyes.

On the other hand, Nand goes to Mathura before Krishna and spreads his intelligence around to find out Kans's plan.  On the other hand, Radha, who was seated in the Krishna chariot, remembers the last rites of Krishna.  Then Akru stops the chariot and says that forgive me, I cannot bring you to Mathura.  And he starts crying.

On the other hand, Ma Parvati tells Mahadev what you did.  How did you put Krishna in the heat of trouble?  Everyone will know that he is Narayan and if he does not break the rich man, how will he kill Kans?  So Mahadev says that Radha will do whatever she does now.  No one has the power inside Radha.  But Radha will have to think about this problem calmly.  Only then will she be able to get Krishna out of this dilemma.

On the other hand, Radha also feels sad about Akru and she remembers Mahadev's blessing and says how Mahadev can do this.  How can he give such a boon to Kans against Krishna.  No, I will not lose to Krishna.  And today's episode ends at this.

In the next episode, we will see that Kans declares in front of everyone in Makhura that Ashta Chakra will be constructed in all the four directions of this great bow.  Once that Krishna comes into it, you will never get back.  In the crowds of people, Nand also listen to everyone and send all this news to Krishna by writing a message.  But Radha gets that message and she scrambles.  On the other side, Nand chooses to see Krishna in Mathura.  Because he wrote in the message that it is not right for Krishna to come to Mathura.

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