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Star Bharat Radha Krishn: Krishn - Arjun Gatha S2 Episode 32 25 August 2020 Full Episode In English  on Hostar Radha Krishna Serial. 

Hello guys, very good morning all of you and radhe radhe.  Welcome to our website radha krishna serial.  As you have seen the title, you have come to know what is going to talk about what is going on in the Radha Krishn: Karna Challenge Arjun S2 - E29 - 20 Aug episode of radha krishna serial.

 In today's episode it will be seen that both Arjun and Draupadi go to fill water in the pot.  There are so many crocodiles there.  Then Arjun says don't be afraid, nothing will happen to you as I am.

On hearing this, Draupadi becomes very happy and then both of them fill water in the pot.

After that all the paddos prepare to rest.  Then Arjuna and mother Kunti say to Krishna that you sleep here.

Then Krishna says to Kunti that you have no need to serve me.  I am like your son.

 I will sleep outside in the shade of a tree.  Saying this, Krishna goes away from there.  Then Krishna is playing the flute and going into the forest.  There, all the wildlife retreat from the path after seeing Krishna.

 While listening to the flute, Radha reaches there.  Krishna says to Radha that you saw!  As I was going from the forest, all the wildlife backtracked because they respect Krishna.  But when you came, this wildlife again turned away from your path because everyone loves Radha.

 Radha asks Krishna that I thought that mental hardship would come to the establishment of the religion, but seeing this, I felt that the physical problems of the body would also come.

Then Krishna says that along with Krishna, Krishna's charioteer will also face difficulties.

 Krishna tells that Draupadi is the wife of Pancho Padavo, but Arjun only does that love.  By this act of Draupadi, the acidity of Padavo can be broken and Arjuna is lost in Krishna devotee.  Both of these have to be brought in the right path.

 Then Radha says that what will you do now, Krishna?  Krishna tells that now I will not do devotees, only devotees can explain.  Radha asks who is such a devotee?  Then Krishna says that there is a person.

On the other side, Narakmuni is seen from heaven.  The chanting of Narak Narayan is happening.  Then Krishna comes there.  Narakmuni is very happy to see Krishna.  Krishna says to Narakmuni that you have to come to earth.  Then Narak ji agrees.

 On the other hand, as soon as dawn, Yudhishthira tells everyone that we should not be late now.  We have to separate in five directions and bring goods for the establishment of the state.

Then Arjun says that we should take the blessings of Madhav but he has not come till night.

 Then Yudhishthira says that he will come, we should go.  Then Draupadi says that before going, eat the fruits of the night.  You did not eat anything from the night.

But all Pandavas refuse.  Then Draupadi holds Arjun's hand and says that at least you eat.

 Then Narakmuni comes there as a sage.  All the legs greet him.  sage says that I am hungry.  Feed me some food. Then Yudhishthira says that there are fruits of the night.  Sage agrees and says that I will not eat alone you all have to eat with me.

Radha Krishn Serial 25 August Full episode

 Then everyone sits down to eat food.  Draupadi brings the fruits of the night.  Draupadi gives the first fruits to Arjuna.  Seeing this, Narakmuni gets very angry and says that you have insulted me.

 I will not do this food now.  Then Yudhishthira and Kunti ask forgiveness.  But Narakamuni does not believe and he goes there, then Krishna comes there and says that you forgive Draupadi.

 Narakmuni agrees to Krishna.  Narakamuni says that seeing Draupadi, I am missing a story.  Before I take food, I tell you that story.

Narakmuni tells that there were two Asura brothers a while back.  They both used to live together.  He used to eat both the food together.

Star Bharat Radha Krishn 25 August Full episode

 One day both of them meditated on Brahmadev.  Brahmadev had to come due to his difficult tenacity.

 Then they ask for a boon that both of us should be killed by each other, otherwise no one could kill us.  Brahmadev gives this boon.  Then both spread terror in all the people.  He starts killing everyone.

 They win in all worlds.  Seeing all this, Brahmadev reveals a beautiful woman.  He asks to go to those two asuras in the earth.  Both brothers want to marry the woman after seeing that woman.

 Then both brothers ask that you like which of the two?  Then she says that I like someone who will be more powerful than you.

Hearing this, both brothers start fighting with each other and then they kill each other.

 Narakmuni says that the only unity of both of them was their power.  He could never die.  But only due to a woman, the acuteness of those brothers broke.

Due to which they died among themselves.  Hearing this, Draupadi becomes very worried and everyone looks at them.  And today's episode ends here.

Radhey Krishn Serial 25 august episode in english

Talking about the story of tomorrow's episode, Arjun scares Takshak through his barns and says that Takshak you go away from here Will end you there today.

Then the Takshak says that you do not even guess who my protector is.  Today's and tomorrow's episodes will end here.

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