Radha krishna episode : 26 Nov in english

Radha krishna episode 26 Nov in english

Welcome to radha krishna serial website and radhe radhe. radha krishna serial episode 26 Nov, 2019 in english. Radha krishna serial related update news and whatsapp radha krishna status in hindi and gujarati on radhakrishnaserial.com

Today's episode will be seen that Kans speaks to his eight brothers and says that all of you should build the Asht Chakra and the stars of this man.  Kans tells Mathura residents to be his undercover then he says that if anyone gave Krishna here while living, it will have serious consequences.

On the other side Akru says to Krishna that I can take you towards your death.  Kans has taken a boon from Mahadev, you are more powerful than Divya, but who can be better than Mahadev?  Akru starts crying.  So Krishna gives visions of his real Narayana.  And all the fear of Akru is erased and then he says that I was a fool who was protecting himself.  That is why Narayan declares that when Krishna is remembered in the world, you will also be remembered.  For your serene mind and selfless devotion.  Dau asks Akru to do his deed and his deed is to take Krishna and Balarama to Mathura.

On the other hand, Nand sends a message to Krishna by the hands of his detective.  In which he says that he should not come to Mathura.  Kans has prepared the entire army here.  The detective reaches the rain with a message.  He gives the instruction to Radha.  Radha reads her and immediately starts running to stop Krishna.  But standing on the way, the other person and the crooked one laughs saying that in the end it will be the end of Krishna.  Kutila also says that I will have a feast on Krishna's death.  So Radha says that Krishna will stop at one of my calls.  And she runs for Radha Krishna even on many of her occasions.

Mahadev says that in Radha an infinite love is emerging in this moment.  If she calls Krishna with all love, then Krishna will definitely stop and the cycle will change.  So Parvati says that in such a situation, it will be a disaster.  So Mahadev says that in this vicious saga of Radha Krishna, now my character Nibha has taken the turn.  Mahadev appears in front of Radha.  Radha gets shocked after seeing this.

Radha says why did you give Kans a boon against Krishna ?.  So Mahadev says that I did my work.  If you do not stop Krishna from his deeds, Radha says how will Krishna face your boon?  So Mahadev says that Krishna is ready to face all difficulties, but if you stop him then the cycle will change.  You have to believe in me and Krishna.  Mahadev says that Krishna is within you.  Whenever you call her, it will be revealed.

Radha krishna episode 26 Nov in english

Now, obey me, you go back, but Radha does not move forward in Krishna's concern because Mahadev has refused and neither can retreat because Krishna's worry haunts him.  And she says that earlier you were in front of me to solve my every concern.  That's why Krishna appears in front of Radha's love of heart and says that you don't believe in Mahadev either!  That your Krishna will fight through every crisis.  So Radha says that I believe in my love more than Mahadev.  Then Krishna says don't worry about me Radha.  I love you  He has no greater power than this and Radha's face is clearly visible on Radha's face.  And today's episode ends at this.

In the next episode we will see that Krishna takes his first step in Mathura.  Akru then goes to Kans's court and tells Kans that Kans has fulfilled your wish for so many years.  Krishna has come to Mathura.  So Kans says go and tell that cowboy, that I accept his challenge.

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