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Radha krishna episode 29 Nov in hostar

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 As you see the title, you know what a we going to talk about what is going to happen radha krishna serial.

In today's episode, it will be seen that Kans comes in prison and tells Devaki that if this lamp is not extinguished then Devki says you will not be able to see this lamp extinguished.  This dispensation will be extinguished when Krishna will kill you only when a soldier tells Kans that Krishna has smoked inside the cycle.  Mathura residents have seen Krishna going inside that cycle.  Kans says that I will come to the center of that chakra and kill that Krishna, then Kans asks his brother to break the first door of the chakra.  His brother says that once the door is broken we cannot make it back.  So Kans says that I found Krishna in all the rain but he could not find it and all Mathura residents have seen him inside, break this door.

Kansa's brother feels that Krishna has brought the form of Kans, he tells his soldier to attack Kans.  But Kans kills the same door by defeating his brothers and soldiers.  Kans breaks all the doors and reaches near the bow, but Kans sees nothing but Morpakh.

Kans' brothers say that it is not so, that Krishna took advantage of your fear and played your game and broke your hand.  But Kansa laughs and says that I am not scared right now.  Because Krishna will not break this bow, I am immortal.  The second and Krishna tells Mathura residents that the Ashtachakra has broken.  And Divya Dhanush will also break tonight, as this child will break and I promise you all.

Others and Kutila are very happy because Radha cannot go to Krishna - Krishna.  Radha remembers Krishna in her mind and says that how can I take your name now?  Then Krishna looks at Radha and Radha tells him that if it is about love, I understand that the voice of the mind is also powerful.  Then Radha's mind takes the name of Krishna.  Which makes the Kutila heard clearly.

When she tells Ugrapat that Radha is taking Krishna's name, Ugrapat calls her crazy because not a single word is coming out of Radha's mouth.  The sound of Radha's love to Kutila is heard loudly.  But she is unable to do anything because only she can hear it.

Others are waiting for Krishna to break the bow.  Everyone gathers because Krishna will come.  Krishna tells Dao that Dhanush will break tonight.
 Krishna comes to the Yamuna, Krishna puts his foot in the Yamuna and gives Yamuna the path to Krishna just as he was humbled by the birth of Krishna.  Then people wait for Krishna even in the rain.  Kans' mind is also distracted here as it was when Krishna was born.

Krishna says that once again the speed of time has to be stopped.  Krishna stops everyone by playing his pinch only the child is awake.  Krishna asks that child to walk silently with you.  Both reach near the bow and then as the child approaches the bow, Krishna stops the movement of that child with his eyes.  Then Krishna himself goes and talks of breaking that bow and this episode ends today.

We see yesterday's episode that Mahadev happens in front of Krishna.  It is said to Krishna Mahadev that you gave this bow to protect Kansa.  I am going to break this bow in front of you.  And in the second scene we see that there are two pieces of bow on Kans's hand.  And Kans is horrified to see her.  Kans says that Dhanushya is broken, that is, I am no longer safe.  My death is coming to me  And he gets very scared.  Krishna says that I am coming to punish you for all your actions.

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