Radha krishna episode : 30 Nov in english

Radha krishna episode 30 Nov in english

Star bharat radha krishna episode 30 Nov,  2019 in english on radha krishna serial website.  radha krishna serial related radha krishna serial songs download radha krishna status in hindi and gujarati on radha Krishna serial website.

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 As you see the title, you know what a we going to talk about what is going to happen radha krishna serial.

In today's episode, it will be seen that Krishna calls Mahadev and Mahadev appears.  I am going to break your gun, you order.  Mahadev says how can I stop you.  You were the one who gave me a boon through Kans, gave this message to Radha, by speaking the name of Prami, the power of love can be increased.  Now the time has come to kill your ears and his ego.  Krishna looks at the child by blinking eyelashes, that Krishna picks up the ghanush and breaks it into two pieces.  After breaking the bow, it gives all its waste to the child.  Krishna starts the time by playing chudki.  Kains's eight brothers see a broken bow.  Like a child is running away.

In the mind of another Air Radha, the sound of Krishna - Krishna is heard so loudly to the Kutila that she cannot sleep.  She then makes a meal for Radha at night and asks him to break the silence.  Then Radha breaks her silence.  Kutila says that this love must end.

The next poor people consider the child as Narayan and bow down to him.  Because he broke the bow.  Then Kans was very scared to see the broken bow.  Kains's eight brothers say that the bow has been broken by a small boy.  Kans calls the child and says that you broke the bow?  The child boldly says that yes, I have broken.  While everyone was sleeping in the night, while playing with the bow, I started playing with the bow and playing this game, the bow broke off from me.

Kans tries to kill the child with his mattress but due to the power of Krishna, he cannot lift the mattress.  Who has a true heart in his heart, Narayan lives in his heart.  That's why you think that Narayan has broken the bow.  Then Akru comes and says that Krishna is ready to come to you.  Organize a ball fight event.  That will be the last meeting of you and Krishna.  Kans organizes the world's largest ball fight event.  Where Krishna or Krishna will either die.

In another and Barsana, Radha tells everyone that Krishna's help has broken a child, Divya Dhanushya.  All the people of Mathura are with Krishna except Kans.  But Kutila says that Kans is ultimately powerful.  My brother Anayak has studied in Mathura.  Just ask  Anayak tells that there are thousands of elephants in the cans.  He has also defeated gods like Indradev and Kubera Dev.  When he gets angry, he also gives patala a heel.  If our gentle Krishna goes to war in front of such a mahabasi, he will be crushed.  Therefore Krishna should not be frightened Kans.

Upon hearing this, Maiya starts crying.  Radha tells him to calm down that Krishna's mother has taught him not to turn back here.  Raising the Gauravdhan mountain, Indradev was forced to stop the rain.  When he plays the flute, then everything melts from the infernal to the heavens.  When Krishna teaches love to the world, then the whole world becomes his power.  And today's episode ends at this point.

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