Radha krishna episode : 28 Nov in english

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Radha krishna episode 28 Nov in english

In today's episode, it will be seen that Krishna and Balaram eat food at Purab's house.  Kansa's soldiers start killing the subjects according to Kansa's orders.  All the priests come to the house and ask Krishna to sleep with the king, otherwise they will set fire to their colony.  Krishna says that if you feel like this, then hold your hands and give soap to Kans.  What have you got till date scared of fear of Kans?  He will continue to burn your houses for some reason or the other.  Who is the problem here?  Krishna or Kans.  If your word is Krishna, then I promise you that by killing Kans, you will free everyone from fear.  A person says that only Narayan can break that bow, then how will you kill him?  So Krishna says that I am Narayana, why are you all surprised, not only I, but you are all Narayana, every particle of this world is Narayan.  The only problem is that not all of us believe.

Every one of you can break that bow.  This kid too.  Together we will kill Kans.  But if no one gives with Krishna then Krishna goes to surrender to Kans.  Then a child catches Krishna's hand from behind.  The child says that I believe in Krishna.  The destruction of iniquity from the whole world is the mission of my life.  Now that will be the end of Delhi.

Eight brothers of Kansari and Kans start making Ashta Chakra.  In which at every stage Kans will have a brother and his army, he says that Krishna can come in any form.  The other and Krishna tell Dau that it is very difficult to break this cycle.  It is only possible for Kansa to break it.  The fear of Kains will become our weapon.

Krishna sees another and Radha again.  She starts talking to them only when Kutila comes and she feels that Radha is talking alone.  In order to stop Radha from speaking Krishna - she calls out to Ugrapat.

 Second, Krishna and Dau change their clothes and say that now they will break the cycle with Lila.  Krishna becomes astrology and Dau is a vegetable seller.  Krishna says that you know how to sell vegetables, don't you?  First of all, he does not believe in dau and then he goes to batch vegetables.  Another and Kutila tell Ugrapat that today is Ekadashi.  Today everyone should keep silent.  Radha has to keep silent at the behest of Ugrapat.

In the market of second and Mathura, Krishna is becoming astrologer and helping people.  Gau is a vegetable batch.  Then the soldiers of Kansas come to the market.  He starts killing people and asks about Krishna.  Soldiers also ask Krishna if you have seen Krishna, then Krishna says that Krishna has gone into the Ashtachakra of Kans.  In the second and second terms, people spread the rumor that Krishna has smoked in the Ashtachakra.  Krishna says that in this way we have sown the seeds of Shaka in Mamashree.  Now the tree of fear will grow in their hearts. Today's episode ends at this point.

In the next episode we will see that Kans says that he will never break the elusive Krishna Dhanush.  By the grace of each other and Krishna, all the chakras become soldiers.  Just like the din of Krishna's birth was asleep.  He reaches a child in Krishna night.  Krishna says that this bow will break tonight.

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