Radha krishna Episode : 6 Dec in English

Radha krishna episode 6 Dec

Radha krishna episode: 6 Dec, 2019 in english on radha krishna serial website. radha krishna related  whatsapp status download on this website.

Star bharat radha krishna episode 5 Dec,  2019 in english on radha krishna serial website.  radha krishna serial related radha krishna serial songs download radha krishna status in hindi and gujarati on radha Krishna serial website.

Hello guys, very good morning all of you and radhe radhe.  Welcome to our website radhakrishnaserial.com
 As you see the title, you know what a we going to talk about what is going to happen radha krishna serial.

In today's episode, it will be seen that Radha tells Kutila and Ayank Kans that Krishna is roaming as a hero of Mathura.  Just think if Krishna has no subjects, then Krishna will become very helpless.  Kutila tells that Radha's favorite Shuka is like Sheku among Radha Krishna.  Radha looks at Krishna through Shukka's eyes.  Kans says that by using shuka, like this maya trap, Lord Krishna will get caught in it.  Kans creates a tornado with his power.  He tells Shuka to hold him.

On the other side Radha burns lamps for the victory of Krishna.  She flows into the Yamuna.  Ugrapat shouts to him, "Why are you doing this?"  You protested against Ayank becoming the head.  What do you want to show?  Do you believe in Krishna more than your husband?  Radha says that my relationship with Krishna is related to love.  This love will not blush your dignity.  Then Ugrapat goes away from there.  Radha says that I hope you will understand a need.

On the other side, the tornado brings the Shuka to the court of Kansa.  Radha is watching all this; Kans talks about crushing Krishna with an elephant.  Kans consciously shows Shukka.  Kans says that Radha will definitely tell Krishna through Shuka.  On which path Radha will tell you not to go, I will never leave the elephant on that path.  I will leave the other way.  The way Krishna will lose all his supporters.

Radha closes her eyes and calls Krishna.  Krishna comes in front of him, but this time a lot of Krishna comes in front of him.  Ragha tells Krishna that you do not go the middle way.  There is an elephant.  Krishna wants to see them real with the eyes of love.  So Radha does the same, then he realizes that Kans' real plan is that Kans has deliberately shown this to Shukka.

On the other hand, Krishna and Dau send everyone to a safe place.  Dau goes ahead.  Then Krishna encounters an elephant.  On the other hand, Kans finds that his plan also failed.  He shuns Ayank and Kutila by calling them useless.

On the other hand, Krishna fights with elephants.  Radha is watching all this with the sight of Shukka.  Krishna holds the elephant back with both feet.  Then Krishna is very successful in making the elephant sit on the ground.  But that elephant stands up again.  Krishna tells Dao that I am not ending this in one sone.

Because this elephant is a symbol of Kans's ego.  And with this elephant, the world will know that no matter how big and powerful the ego is, it causes the downfall of that person.  The elephant drops Krishna at the same time and tries to put his foot on it, but Krishna grabs the elephant's feet very strongly.


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