Radha Krishna episode : 5 Dec, 2019 in English

Radha krishna episode 5 Dec in english

Radha krishna episode: 5 Dec, 2019 in english on radha krishna serial website. radha krishna related  whatsapp status download on this website.

Star bharat radha krishna episode 5 Dec,  2019 in english on radha krishna serial website.  radha krishna serial related radha krishna serial songs download radha krishna status in hindi and gujarati on radha Krishna serial website.

Hello guys, very good morning all of you and radhe radhe.  Welcome to our website radhakrishnaserial.com
 As you see the title, you know what a we going to talk about what is going to happen radha krishna serial.

In today's episode, it will be seen that Radha is crying in her room remembering the words of Kutila.  She says that I wanted to see this Shan.  When you kill Kans, you will leave your parents. Then Krishna appears and says to him that what do you think Radha, I have given to Shuka?  Everyone will be able to see with love  Krishna says that one who can see Shuka can also see you. Radha tells Shuka to go to Krishna and look at him with his eyes.

On the other hand, he gives the elusive clothes to Mathura residents with love.  Krishna goes inside to wear it.  Krishna tells Dao that if Mathura was to be consumed for the people, then I will go out laughing.  Krishna starts wearing it, but he does not wear a full dress, wears only as much as a cowherd wears.  But nothing happens to them.  Puran's son comes to fetch Krishna.  Krishna comes out.  Seeing like this, the jeweler is shocked.  She says that Radha looks very beautiful in this dress, but Krishna does not wear a full dress.  The jhoolaha asks them to wear full dress.  Then later, the swing is folded that if Krishna is not consumed, I will not be consumed.  Kans has definitely forgotten.

The wearer wears that dress and starts burning when we wear it.  Seeing this, Krishna tells the people of Mathura that this jhula was a devil sent by Kans and this dress was elusive but it was not consumed as it is consumed, which has greed, disorder and arrogance in mind, Kans feels that he should kill him  I want because I will rule in Mathura.  But in Barsana, Radha fulfills Krishna ti baate, doing this work to establish Krishna religion.  Kans learns that all of Mathura is with Krishna and that his plan has also failed.  Krishna has gone on the path to kill Kans.  Kans says that now I will leave the elephant on the dar of Mathura.  The one who will crush Krishna's head and the head of his supporter.

On the other side, Radha looks at Kutila and Ayank in the forest, who is talking with Shukka and they find that Radha gets ripe for all Krishna's activity with Shukka's sight.  Krishna tells Dau that Radha will help us in this great work.  The lover must contribute in every act of the lover.  Radha should not fall in love even after Radha is against me.

On the other side Radha makes a sound in front of Mahadev.  Then Radha says that the war is going to start in Mathura.  Today, I will worship on the victory of Krishna.  Even after refusing Ugrapat, Radha says that if the people of Barsana do worship of Hardin Mahadev, then if we worship for the victory of Krishna, then what is wrong in this?  Ugrapat says that you do what you want to do, but I do not agree.  Then they leave.  Radha starts the Puja of Mahadev and the other and Krishna are dying for the death of Kans. Or today's episode ends at this.

In tomorrow's episode, we will see that Kans has left his elephant in the dar of Mathura.  So that Krishna and his companions should come to an end.  That elephant creates every tragedy.  Then Krishna and elephant face to face.  He drops the elephant Krishna in one kick.  Krishna falls to the ground.

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